CEO Greeting

We hope to have a great partnership with your company.

Always for the customers

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We, Daeyang Mechatronics Co.Ltd., were established in 1986 with the prior value of maximizing the customer satisfaction and seeking the best technology in the field.

We were developing and manufacturing both the air conditioner and the fan cooler for control panels applying to
NC machines, robots, and many types of FA systems with the experience of over 30 years in the field, supplying to major companies in Korea such as HYUNDAI, KIA, DOOSAN, CHEVROLET, RENAULT SAMSUNG, etc.

Moreover, in the period of stiff competition among many industries, we were applying the aggressive management to be the first mover with making efficient production line and fortifying quality management, overwhelming many competitors and fulfilling the relationships with strategic partners.

We, the company have been growing with the cooling products, always take the superior position with applying great technology to new products and acquiring many types of certifications in order to meet the customers’ demand all the time.
Again, we appreciate your cooperation.

Daeyang Mechatronics Co., Ltd. CEO Myung-Hoon Park

대양기전 회사이미지