About Us


The first domestic corporation, developed the air-conditioner and fan-cooler to the market

Daeyang, the company with customer-oriented business mind, will always do the best for the customers’ satisfaction.
Daeyang provides many types of products to customers in the variety of manufacturing fields

Daeyang, the company always seeking for the innovative technology, aims to become a customer-oriented company
thatprovides the best solutions by sharpening our competitive edge in the high-value added core business.
We strive to be a company that is trusted and admired by our customers

Daeyang, the first domestic corporation developed air-conditioners and fan-coolers for machine’s panels

Since 1986, We have been developed fan-coolers (5 models in 1986), air-conditioners (6 models in 1992), and
hi-coolers (10 models in 1993), and launched to the both domestic and foreign markets.
Also, with continuous R&D efforts, We were always titled as the first and the best in the industry.

Daeyang R&D Center, Where innovation starts from

We always identify problems in customers’ businesses, solve them, improve performance by appying our products
and knowledge over 30 years in the field. Our products are designed and manufactured with ISO quality assurance.
We will promise to deliver the best quality, meeting customers’ individual needs.

Air conditioner of Switch Cabinet

The cooling system of DAEYANG will help your business by improving productive efficiency of your equipments.
The switch cabinet of NC machines, robots and F.A. systems have been required not only many features but also being compacted and sealed. Otherwise, they are exposed to a great risk of high temperature, humidity and dust, causing SHUT-DOWN or TRIPPING problems of equipments. DAEYANG, the company with over30 years of experiences, can prevent such problems so that your business can be more effective and reliable in your field.


There are huge customers’ demand for portable air-conditioners in market due to the hot summer season. But, the existing portable air-conditioners are very heavy and difficult to be moved in many types of using environment such as work places, offices, camping sites, or market places. Also, it caused high cost of electricity although it was used only for 1 to 2 users. Moreover, users suffered wasting the condensed water regularly and installing hot air duct on the window every time.

Since we had started to solve these problems and developed the new air-conditioners for 2 years, we finally released the ‘Dream Cool’ into the market. The mini portable air-conditioner with compact in size, low electricity cost, self-evaporating and hot-air dispersed functions will be your best choice in the summer.